High Speed Steels

For modern industrial production, in particular mass production, machining is one of the most important shaping and forming processes.  Almost all tools employed for this purpose are made from high speed steels.  In recent times, the use of high speed steels has also gained increasing importance for chipless shaping, e.g. for extrusion, blanking and punching tools, as well as moulding, as in semi-conductor IC tools.  With regard to chemical composition, distinction is made between W-, Mo- and W-Mo-alloyed steels grades which, depending on the dominant stress they will be exposed to contain different amounts of carbon, vanadium and cobalt.

The characteristic properties of all high speed steel grades include:

  • High working hardness
  • High wear resistance
  • Excellent toughness
  • High retention of hardness and red hardness

Since it is possible to achieve specific properties by careful adjustment of these alloying elements, we are able to offer the most suitable high speed steel grade for virtually all kinds of application.

Grade / Brochures Title Download
High Performance Materials for High Performance Tools  PDF
For hobs, twist drills, taps, broaching tools and cold work tools. PDF
Classic grade for machine tools of simple geometry. PDF
For hobs, twist drills, taps, wood working tools and cold work tools. PDF
Powder metallurgical high speed steels
The tough alternative to carbide tooling. PDF
The universal PM high speed steel with the best properties. PDF
The universal PM high speed steel with improved grindability. PDF
The tough high speed steel for demanding machining and cold forming applications. PDF
High speed steel produced by powder-metallurgy methods with good red hardness, compressive strength and wear resistance. The PM technology imparts to the material also excellent toughness and machinability properties, e.g. highly satisfactory grindability. PDF


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