Special Steel

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MICROCLEAN 3rd Generation for Highest Performance. BÖHLER has improved the production process for powder metallurgy tool steels. With an extensive assorment of cold work, plastic mould and high speed steels provies our customers with a definitive competitive advantage.
Special Materials Energy / Oil, Gas & CPI » View Product
Consistent material for growing oil and gas business. BÖHLER special materials and forgings are widely used in the oil and gas, and the chemical processing inustry(CPI), as well as in water treatment plants; they are used in the areas of oilfield technologies, oil & gas exploration and refining, and in the production of LNG.
High Speed Steels » View Product
High perfomance materials for high performance tools. BÖHLER high speed steels are used for cutting tools such as drills, hobs and broaching tools and in some cold forming applications. The properties required here are wear resistance, hot hardness and toughness which prevents shelling of cutting edges. This guarantees high tool life, low maintenance and down times, and ensures a reproducible production process.
Cold Work Steels » View Product
High perfomance solutions for cold work application. BÖHLER cold work tools steels are distinguished by their oustanding wear resistance and offer opimum dimensional stability, hardness, toughness, edge-holding and compressive strength.
Hot Work Steels » View Product
For the highest thermal load in high temperature application. BÖHLER is focused on solving the most demanding customer problems when it comes to toolmaking. One of our top priorities here is hot work tool steels.
Plastic mould steels » View Product
Good manufaturers, require the highest quality with excelent corrosian resistance. Böhler plastic mould steel is the optimum answer to any application in the manufacture of plastic mould parts, meeting the increased expectations of users.
Special Materials / Aerospace & Automotive » View Product
Consistent quality specially made for the aerospace industry and automotive industry. Faster, lighter, higher – terms of our times which must be taken literally, especially in the aerospace industry. Fulfilling these requirements demands everything of materials. BÖHLER provides the materials that aerospace engineers need – in the grade and dimension they want.
Special Materials Energy / Power Generation » View Product
Excellent quality power generation industry. BÖHLER special materials and forgings are used extensively in the power generation industry; they are used in the making of steam turbines, gas turbines, industrial compressors, components such as control rods, fuel rods, bolts and nuts in nuclear power plants, and parts in wind power plants
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