Cold Work Steels

BÖHLER cold work steels are used for cutting and pressing tools, for dies and knives, for stamping and drawing tools, hobs, thread rolling tools and in many other applications - high hardness, good toughness and compressive strength and high wear resistance are the most important factors in choosing this material.

Cold work tool steels are employed for the manufacture of tools for applications involving surface temperatures of not more than 200 °C (392 °F).  In this temperature range, they must feature the following properties in order to guarantee tool resistance to the high stresses arising from the numerous machining and shaping procedures:

  • Superior hardness
  • High wear resistance
  • Good toughness
  • Excellent compressive and impact strength
  • High dimensional stability in heat treatment
  • Sufficient machinability


Grade / Brochures  Title Download
  Cold work tool steel PDF
High performance steels for the punching and blanking industry PDF
An Electro Slag Remelted 8% Cr-steel development by BÖHLER, a tough, wear resistant cold work tool steel with a high compressive strength. PDF
Conventionally produced 8% Cr steel which combines very good machinability, good EDM properties and good dimensional stability. PDF
A further development of an Electro Slag Remelted 8% Cr-steels, a tough, wear resistant cold work tool steel with high compressive strength, specially designed for abrasive and adhesive loading. PDF
Currently our best PM cold work tool steel with highest hardness, good toughness and wear resistance. PDF
BÖHLER K490 - this material combines wear resistance and toughness at a high level! The customer benefit:  excellent hard machinability, flexibility in the heat treatment and improved service time results of the tools. PDF
BÖHLER K890 - is the high ductile MICROCLEAN material for the cold work and cutting applications. PDF
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