Powder Metallurgical

The uncompromised answer to the highest material requirements, ever-increasing demands being made of new materials require improved properties. The answers is high performance powder metallurgical steels with a homogeneous carbide structure for the hardest applications in the tooling industry.

The 3rd generation powder metallurgy in BÖHLER ensures finer powder during atomization and the result is finer and more homogeneous carbide distribution.

The cleaner and finer powder coupled with extremely minute carbide and more homogeneous carbide distribution lead to very high toughness as well as very high fatigue strength, resulting in longer tool life for tools made from the 3rd generation powder metallurgy process.

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BÖHLER - High performance steels produced by powder metallurgy methods PDF
The tough alternative to carbide tooling. PDF
The universal PM high speed steel with the best properties. PDF
The universal PM high speed steel with improved grindability. PDF
The tough high speed steel for demanding machining and cold forming applications. PDF
High speed steel produced by powder-metallurgy methods with good red hardness, compressive strength and wear resistance. The PM technology imparts to the material also excellent toughness and machinability properties, e.g. highly satisfactory grindability. PDF
Currently our best PM cold work tool steel with highest hardness, good toughness and wear resistance. PDF
A further advantage of this powder metallugical cold work tool steel, being produced in a plant of the newest generation, lies in the good machinability and the high flexibility of its heat treatment, which allows variable heat treatment cycles without affecting the mechanical properties. PDF
A highly ductile MICROCLEAN material for cold work and cutting applications. PDF
BÖHLER M368 MICROCLEAN is a martensitic chromium steel produced with powder metallurgy. Due to its alloying concept this steel offers high wear resistance, high toughness and high corrison resistance - the perfect combination for best application properties. PDF
The wear-resistant, corrosion resistant and polishable plastic mould steel. PDF
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