Special Materials / Aerospace & Automotive

Aircraft manufacturers are the benchmark for quality.  Every part is continually and stringently quality checked and must be officially certified. We melt and form our materials with the same perfectionism and care. We consider it standard practice that the most modern melting and remelting equipment is used; VIM, VAR, ESR, P-ESR. BÖHLER’s special steels and nickel or cobalt based alloys are used for high performance “vital parts”, in airframes or engines and meet all of the quality and reliability criteria laid down by leading aircraft manufacturers.

Each and every step of production – from melting to delivery – is in our own hands and means the highest, most consistent quality for you.

Grade / Brochures Title Download
Special Aerospace Materials PDF
High Temperatur Alloys
N06625 PDF
N07718 PDF
Precipitation hardening steels
17-4 PH PDF
15-5 PH PDF
PH 13-8Mo PDF
High temperature steels
Alloy 286 PDF
Jethete M-152 PDF
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