Special Materials Energy / Oil, Gas & CPI

The purification of drinking water, the manufacture of plastics and the development of fossil fuel deposits at the bottom of our oceans: all of these activities are as everyday as life itself. Mankind is only sensitive to shortfalls or disturbances in their supply. For this reason, we have made it our goal to deliver materials to the chemical and oil industries and for environmental applications where high levels of corrosion and mechanical loading are a concern. The materials available range from highly corrosion resistant steels to super duplex materials and nickel base alloys.

Grade / Brochures Title Download
Materials for Oil, Gas & CPI PDF
Precipitation hardening steels
17-4 PH PDF
15-5 PH PDF
Duplex-, Superduplex steels
1.4462 / S31803 PDF
1.4501 / S32760 PDF
Nickel-base alloys
N06022 PDF
N10276 PDF
N06625 PDF
N07718 PDF


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